Team Play

Multipart audiovisual installationS


GIMIK Initiative for Music and Informatics Cologne is known for continuously presenting innovative works, ideas and concepts from areas of current electroacoustic and instrumental music as well as from audiovisual art related to computer technology. Most recently the activities concentrated on team play projects of composers, musicians and video artists who have created works fitting into a preset three-dimensional audiovisual installation.

The individual works bear artistic and technical relation featuring multidimensional projections which can be adapted to different spatial and technical setups.

For the first collective exhibition organised by GIMIK in Cologne in November 2008 they were projected onto three screens aligned in a U-shape. A second exhibition took place in the Allosphere at the University of California, Santa Barbara on 28 October 2010, where the works were screened on the inner surface of a hollow sphere.


1. Pascal Fendrich / Bernd Härpfer – CRUDE CARRIER

2. Frequenzwechsel – KUNSTWERK 08 08

3. Jungwha Jung / Siegfried Koepf – CREATING REALITY II

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